Recruitment Services


Our recruiting philosophy is simple, Diversity & Inclusion creates innovation and success in the workplace.

Our Recruitment Manager has an extensive network of contacts to enhance your diversity & inclusion initiatives. The network includes the Veterans Administration, Government Workforce Centers, Instituto del Progresso de Latino, and Jewish Vocational Services. A detailed list of contacts is available upon request.

Our recruiting success is based on collaborations with organizations that serve veterans, youth, individual with disabilities, mature workers, and displaced workers. Our efforts will assist with EEO, Affirmative Action and OFCCP compliance. We recognize that each employee brings unique experiences which enhances employee growth and maximizes profits.

We are committed to hiring Veterans. Our Recruitment Manager has volunteered as a job coach and employment consultant for the Jesse Brown VA and Illinois Department of Employment Security clients. We realize the valuable skills and experiences Veterans offer to employers.

If you need to expand your outreach efforts for diversity & inclusion or OFCCP Compliance, Q1 Recruitment Services is your solution.

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